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Nordic Swan Ecolabel

Nordic swan Ecolabel

The First Denim Brand In The World To Receive The Nordic Swan Ecolabel

Pieszak Swan is our collection of denim certified by the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, the highest possible sustainability honor in Scandinavia. Imposing strict requirements for the entire product life cycle in terms of both environmental and social conditions. Pieszak was the first denim brand in the world to receive the Nordic Swan Ecolabel and we are very proud of that.

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Reducing The Overall Impact On The Environment

Why Choose Nordic Swan Ecolabel

The Nordic Swan Ecolabel generates sustainable solutions, which is build upon a life cycle assessment. This is the essence of the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, and this is where it sets itself apart from other labels or certifications; through environmental requirements - in all relevant stages of the products life cycle.

The entire life cycle of the product, from raw material to production, use, disposal and recycling, is included in the assessment, when drawing up the requirements for how we produce our jeans. 

This is important in order to ensure that we reduce the overall impact on the environment and the climate. Alongside environmental requirements, the criteria also include requirements regarding product properties that ensure quality and durability to make sure our products will stay with our customers for a very long time.

From cotton fields to the finished garment, Nordic Swan Ecolabel's standards are high and have strict requirements for the entire value chain. The standards emphasize on organic cultivation, low water consumption, sound chemical use and working condictions complying.

Our thoughts about certifications

Why We Think It Is Important

In our efforts to create sustainable products, we may risk solving a problem in one place, but creating another environmental problem somewhere else. 
That’s why we are proud to have a third part to constantly providing strict criteria to follow when we produce our jeans. 

The Nordic Swan Ecolabel constantly measure what we do and we must ensure 100% traceability in all stages. In other words, the certification is a visible proof of our environmental efforts. This is important to us because we believe that for us to make change, we cannot look at sustainable efforts only in parts of our production.

In the end it’s all about trust. When you see a certified product, you know it’s safe for people and planet. 

We need greater respect for craftsmanship and aim for more long-term solutions rather than short-term or single use concepts. There is so much more love and history in the things we carry with us throughout life. 

Henriette Pieszak